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Residential Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Systems in ID, NV & UT

Residential Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Systems in ID, NV & UT

Keeping your homes and facilities safe for over 50 years!

For more than 50 years, Delta Fire Systems, Inc. has been known as a respected and capable fire protection contractor when it comes to the design and installation of residential fire sprinkler systems.

Who we work with.

We can work on all structures, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, assisted living facilities, apartments, nursing homes, and more.

How we can help.

With ever changing codes for residential facilities, you may not be sure if your facility needs to install a sprinkler system to meet the NFPA codes and insurance requirements. Delta Fire Systems, Inc. has the certified technicians that can help you determine what is required for your facility. We offer free, no-obligation quotes for all the fire protection services you need.

Not only are we able to install residential fire suppression systems, we can also handle all the required maintenance and inspections for life. Our NICET certified technicians have many years of experience designing sprinkler systems that will give you the fire protection you want and need to protect your homes, facilities, and loved ones. From new construction to retrofitting a fire sprinkler system into an existing building, our 3D modeling designs the most efficient system that will give you the best protection possible. Our sprinkler systems will keep you safe, while being visually appealing with numerous styles and colors to choose from.

Delta Fire Systems, Inc. has been providing residential fire protection since 1963. For more information about residential fire sprinkler system services in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah, contact 801-972-4500.

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