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Fire sprinkler installation

Your #1 full service fire protection company since 1963. Difficult jobs are our specialty!

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Delta Fire Systems, Inc. strives to be the only fire protection contractor our customers want to work with because of the incredibly high standards we hold ourselves to. We work to provide the best customer service possible, treating customers like partners through courtesy and professionalism. Our technicians and engineers are experts in the industry, and use quality equipment to complete each project.

We have been protecting the Intermountain and Pacific West regions for over 50 years, with customers from the industrial, commercial, government, and residential markets. We take pride in designing, installing and servicing systems that our competitors shy away from. Delta takes on "The Dirty, Dangerous, and Difficult" projects in Idaho, Nevada, Utah and surrounding areas.

Delta Fire Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and we have multiple office locations throughout Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. As the preferred fire protection contractor in the intermountain region, we look forward to working with you to inspect, service, or install your fire sprinkler or fire suppression systems.

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The Associated General Contaractors of America
Homeland Security Certified
NICET Certified

"At Delta Fire Systems, Inc., we believe in protecting what people value most. The team members at Delta Fire Systems desire to protect your families and property from harm. Our entire business centers on the belief that what we do matters and that we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve."

Jerry Allen – President/CEO

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