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Delta Fire Systems Locations

Delta Fire Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Salt Lake City, but we have a total of six office locations in Utah, Idaho and Nevada to serve a huge part of the intermountain area. Our service area includes Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Colorado.

Call 800-288-4500 toll-free and one of our staff can connect you with the office in your region.

Delta Fire Systems, Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT

1507 South Pioneer Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4113

Toll-Free: 800-288-4500
Phone: 801-972-4500
Fax: 801-972-6563
PO Box 26587
Salt Lake City, UT 84126-0587

3-D Fire Protection

Idaho Falls, ID

6312 S Burggraf Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Toll-Free: 800-734-8377
Phone: 208-525-8377
PO Box 50845
Idaho Falls, ID 83405-0845

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