Kitchen Hoods and Extinguishers

Kitchen Hoods and Extinguishers

Being able to control any potential kitchen fires at your restaurant or event space is critical to your business. Delta Fire Systems, Inc. has expert technicians that specialize in kitchen hood fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers.

Kitchen Hood Systems

To protect your restaurant or event space, having a quality and functioning kitchen hood fire suppression system installed is crucial. Kitchen hood systems are required to be inspected on a semi-annual basis, and our expert technicians can perform the test and inspection thoroughly and in a timely fashion. Our technicians are also skilled in installation and repair.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Occupants' number one priority should be to safely get out of a building with a fire; however, a portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the fire department arrives. We can do the required inspections, maintenance, servicing, hydrostatic testing, and installation of portable fire extinguishers. Our technicians know the requirements in the applicable codes and standards. By working with Delta Fire, you won’t just have a tag placed on your fire extinguisher, you will: have proper placement of fire extinguisher to efficiently fight a fire if necessary; be code compliant for coverage based on the hazards present at your occupancy; be educated by our technician how to use the fire extinguisher; and have the assurance that the work completed has completed per the applicable codes and requirements. Fire extinguishers are yet another service we offer to provide you with a one-stop solution.

We are authorized distributors of Buckeye Fire Equipment, AnsulPyro-Chem Fire SuppressionOval Fire Products, Kidde Fire Systems, and Guardian Safety Solutions International, Inc.  We also have access to and have employees manufacturer trained and certified on most other brands and product lines.  

For more information on our wet and dry chemical fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguisher services, call  or fill out an online contact form.
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