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Fire Sprinkler System Contractors in UT, ID & NV

Fire Sprinkler System Contractors in UT, ID & NV

Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation & Inspection Services

Delta Fire Systems, Inc. has specialized in design, installation, inspection and maintenance of fire sprinkler and suppression systems since its inception in 1963. We proudly serve all industries from residential to industrial facilities. Delta’s engineers and technicians understand the varying needs of each industry and create the right system for your applications. Depending on the potential hazard, we can use anything from traditional water fire sprinkler systems to clean agent systems, protecting what you value most.

We have extensive knowledge of and experience with all fire sprinkler systems and can design and install most manufacturers’ systems. Delta also provides services for backflow preventers, fire hydrants, and services on underground piping to provide the proper protection for your facilities.

Design, Installation & Service of the Following Fire Sprinkler Systems:

Our technicians are well trained and state licensed. We have people on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on the skill of our team.

Our sprinkler installers are members of the UA Local Union 669 Road Sprinkler Fitters. Technicians must have completed a minimum five-year apprenticeship program prior to becoming a foreman. Upon completion, they receive a Certificate from Pennsylvania State University or Washtenaw Community College.

For more information about our fire sprinkler services in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah, call 800-288-4500 or fill out a contact form and we will be in touch.
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