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Fire Alarms Design & Installation

Fire Alarms Design & Installation

Delta Fire Systems has been providing fire alarm system design and installation for over 50 years! When it comes to alarm systems, we provide every necessary service in-house. We have designed and installed fire alarm and detection systems for commercial, government, industrial and residential facilities in Utah, Idaho and Nevada. Fire alarms are a critical component of any life safety system to alert people of a fire and give them valuable time to get to safety.

Certified Professional Technicians

We have NICET III and NICET IV certified installation technicians, as well as a designer, estimator and project manager on staff to help craft the best plan for any building. With fire alarm systems, there is no “one-size-fits-all” system. With our extensive knowledge of the various codes and standards, we work closely with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to design your system to the requirements for your specific area and hazards for a clean, efficient and timely installation.

Excellent Customer Service

Once installed, we not only monitor your fire alarm system, but provide you with excellent and reliable customer service. With Delta Fire monitoring and servicing your accounts, you can experience a reduction in false alarms and unnecessary service calls, attentive customer service, customized reports to your email for specific event activity criteria, and the ease of a one-stop solution.

We Test Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are required, at a minimum, to be inspected and tested once per year. Our manufacturer and NICET certified technicians will thoroughly test every component of your system for accurate results. If there are any issues, a proposal will immediately be provided to correct deficiencies.

We can accommodate any testing report requirements, including strict formats such as The Joint Commission, or other insurance or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) regulations. Delta Fire Systems is well versed in State, Local, Insurance, and Industry codes and regulations. Delta Fire Systems is well versed in State, Local, Insurance, and Industry codes and regulations.

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Delta Fire Systems is an industry leading full-service fire protection company since 1963. There isn’t a system we cannot monitor, service, test or inspect. Contact us today or give us a call at 800-288-4500 to learn more about our fire alarm installations, monitoring and supporting services for customers in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and other locations throughout the United States.

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