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fire sprinkler system Idaho Falls, ID

3-D Fire Protection in Idaho Falls, ID

Full-Service Fire Protection Contractor

3d Fire Logo3-D Fire Protection is your local, one-stop fire protection contractor. 3-D Fire Protection became a proud subsidiary of Delta Fire Systems and the APi Group in 2013. Established in 1984 as a solution to the big fire protection needs that Idaho National Lab brought to southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming, we were able to join forces with the Delta Fire Systems team while still maintaining our standalone 3-D Fire operation that we had spent over 30 years building – keeping our hometown roots and community ties strong.

At 3-D Fire Protection, we supply the commercial and industrial sectors with a wide range of fire sprinkler systems; with local government organizations making up much of the work we do in and around Idaho Falls. After all, installing a commercial fire sprinkler system is absolutely essential for effective fire prevention.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems and More that You Can Rely On

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience necessary to design, install, and service your commercial fire sprinkler system, including specialty deluge, pre-action, wet and dry systems, fitting the specific needs of your business.

We also focus on fire pumps, backflow prevention, and clean agent and special hazards systems. All our state-of-the-art systems are designed to detect fires quickly, preventing unnecessary injury or damage.

Exceptional Inspections, Installations, and Renovations

At 3-D Fire Protection, we specialize in fire protection for government, commercial, and industrial facilities. We work with you to install the system that’s right for you or renovate your current system. Our expertise allows us to assess your property and identify potential hazards and deficiencies in your fire protection plan.

By regularly inspecting your commercial fire sprinkler system or any of the systems mentioned above, we can be sure that your equipment is up-to-code and functioning properly. After our inspection is completed, we’ll provide you with recommended improvements and solutions to keep your fire prevention measures up-to-date and ready for any special hazard.

Contact 3-D Fire Protection

The Idaho Falls branch leader, LaMar Hayward and the entire 3-D Fire Protection team are standing by ready to help you with your sprinkler services, fire protection system inspections, and special hazards. We service most of eastern Idaho, from Twin Falls to Pocatello, and up into Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For more information on the commercial fire sprinkler systems in Idaho Falls available through 3-D Fire Protection, fill out the contact form below, call us toll-free at 800-734-8377 or at 208-525-8377!

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