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Boise, ID fire protection

Fire Protection Specialists in Boise, ID

Fire Protection Design, Installation, Inspection & Repair

For many years, Delta Fire Systems has been providing residential, commercial, industrial, and government clients in Boise, ID with exceptional fire protection systems and services. If you’re currently thinking about installing a fire protection system in your commercial building or industrial facility, Delta Fire Systems can supply you with the fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and fire suppression systems that you need.

Fire Protection Specialists You Can Trust 

Our NICET Certified technicians in Boise, ID specialize in the design, installation, monitoring, inspection, and repair of your fire protection and special hazard systems.

We have extensive experience installing and maintaining FM-200 special hazard fire protection systems. These types of systems are designed to extinguish fires quickly, making them ideal for extinguishing combustible, electrical, and even flammable liquid fires. If installed properly, the FM-200 is unobtrusive to your daily activities and doesn’t leave residue after extinguishing a fire.

Expert Fire System Inspections

At Delta Fire Systems, we also offer fire system inspections in Boise, ID to keep your systems properly functioning and up-to-code. Our team of fire protection specialists provide quality fire protection system inspections, having extensive knowledge of fire hazards within commercial kitchens. We’ll check the kitchen hoods you have in your commercial kitchen, so they are prepared to extinguish a fire rather than posing a threat to your people, employees, and building.

Your Local Fire Protection Resource 

To enlist the help of our fire protection specialists, contact Delta Fire Systems toll-free at 844-275-7213 or at 208-461-9391 today. Branch leader Brian Flechs and his team are ready to help install your new fire sprinkler system or perform a fire system inspection in Boise, ID, central Nevada, southeastern Oregon, and up into Montana!

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